What is Canvass?

This is the County’s process of reviewing, verifying, and updating your property in our database. This process utilizes both aerial photography and computer technology, along with physical inspections when necessary.

Why my property?

The County has 1.2 million properties and we have been unable to review this section of properties for the last several years. Our office is always striving to ensure the most accurate property records possible and this review process is an example of using new processes and techniques to make … Continue reading

Is this just to make money for the County?

The assessor’s office is required to locate, identify, and classify all properties in Maricopa County. Part of this requirement is to assure properties are accurately listed in order for each property to pay their fair portion of the property taxes needed to provide services.

What is Rule B?

Per statute, the Rule B calculation will set the limited property value at the level or percentage of the full cash value that is comparable to other properties of the same or similar use or classification. The Rule B calculation is required when the following has occurred The full cash … Continue reading