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Searching Help

The Maricopa County Assessor’s Website features an advanced, single line search engine to assist you in quickly finding what you are searching for. Using natural language queries, you can now quickly find what it is you are looking for. Our search engine will intelligently try to determine what you are  searching for and return relevant results. The more information you can provide in your query, the better.

For instance, to find a parcel owned by John Doe  who lives in Phoenix on Thomas Ave, you could simply type in  John Doe in Phoenix on Thomas Ave or an address like 301 W. Jefferson St. Even if you aren’t sure of the actual street or city the  parcel  resides on (or in),  you could just simply type in the owner’s name or the owner’s name and street name.  The engine will usually figure out what you are asking for without any additional effort on your part and without having to use any of the advanced search features.

Our search engine features some advanced features that should assist you in finding information.

UPDATE: We have partially restored our rental search. To search for a rental property, just enter in an owner, property name, or address. Currently, only if a rental is registered with a valid APN (parcel number), will you be able to view the details on that parcel (including being able to access Parcel Viewer).

  • The search features a comprehensive English language dictionary and will automatically correct most common spelling errors. If you don’t want the spelling suggestions included in your search results, simply click the “Exlude spelling fixes” link and the original search term will be used.
  • The search engine will automatically do replacements on common nicknames. For instance, if you search on the name “Tom”, the search engine will also include matches for “Thom” and “Thomas”.  For the name “Bobby”, the search engine will include “Robert”, “Rodger”, “Roger” and “Bert”. Currently, there is no way to exclude these from the results, but we plan on making it an optional feature in a future release of our site.
  • When searching on addresses, the search engine will change common street types and street directions to their shortened form. This allows you to type and address of “123 West Main Street” or “123 W Main St”. It will also remove punctuation from all search terms. So, “123 W. Main St.” will be the same as “123 W Main St”.
  • Finally, word order is not important. Searching on “St W Main 123″ will produce the same results as “123 W Main St”.

Below are some tips to assist you in finding what you are looking for.

  • To find any parcel, just type in the parcel (apn) number. Any format works. For instance, [book]-[map]-[parcel][split] will work with any characters (or no characters) in between the items.
    • 111-11-111-A
    • 111.11.111.a
    • 11111111
    • 11111111a
  • To search by owner name, you can simply type in the owner’s name.
  • To search by address, enter in a full address or a partial address. For instance, you search on “123 Main” or you can search on “123 W Main St”. You can omit city, state and zip code from queries.
    • 123 E Main St.
    • 123 East Main Street
    • 123 E. Main St. Phoenix
    • 123 Southeast Main Street Phoenix
    • 123 Main St 85001
  • To search for parcels within a subdivision, simply type in the subdivision name. You can also view all parcels within a subdivision by clicking on the subdivision name in the search results or parcel details.
  • To search for parcels within a MCR, follow the same instructions as for a subdivision. If you know the MCR number, just enter it in. You can also view all parcels within a MCR number by clicking on the MCR number link in the search results or parcel details.
  • To search for parcels within a city or zip code, use the format “cityname” [city name] or “zip” [zip code].
    • cityname  Phoenix
    • zip 85003
  • To search for parcels within a section, township, and range, use the format [section-township-range]. Like a targeted parcel search, you can use any separator character you wish. The only requirement for this targeted search is that all three items; section, township and range must be present in the query.
  • To search for a business name or account number  (for personal property searches), you can type in a business (account) name, address, account/roll number, multiple number, or lease number.
  • To search for mobile homes, simply type in an owner name, address, account number or a VIN.

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