Assessor Paul D. Petersen

Maricopa County Assessor's Office

GIS — Parcel Database

Parcels are provided in ESRI's ArcView (.shp) shape file format only. (Please note: annotation is not be available in shape file format). All data is projected to Arizona State Plane, Central Zone, NAD 83, International feet. *Not all data has been captured or maintained using coordinate geometry (COGO). Attribution included with the parcel topology includes: Assessor's Parcel Number (APN), Begin Date, and property site address (where available).

All data will be provided on CD-ROM or DVD Disks. Should the requested data file size be small enough, the data may be e-mailed.

The GIS data may be joined with the Assessor's Secured Master database information using the APN as the keyjoin fields (each data set is purchased separately unless otherwise stated).

Non-Commercial & Commercial Requests

Shape Files

  • Complete County (approx. 1 GB, includes the Basic Secured Master data file as described on page 1) $500.00
  • Assessor Book Series — (Includes the Basic Secured Master data file as described on page 1)
    • Books 100 (approx. 400MB) $100.00
    • Books 200 (approx. 300MB) $100.00
    • Books 300 (approx. 225 MB) $100.00
    • Books 400 (approx. 15 MB) $100.00
    • Books 500 (approx. 150 MB) $100.00
  • Book, Zip Code or Township (per each) $100.00
  • Subdivision Boundaries $500.00 (approx. 25,500. Contains attribution of subdivision name and MCR number)
  • Parcel Label Points (Centroids) Full County Only $2,500.00 Contains APN's label points adjusted to parcels with X, Y coordinates
  • Assessor's Office Adjusted County Wide Zoning $300.00
  • APN — Map ID Index, Tabular file $100.00


  • Assessor Map Plot Files (per each) $2.00 (Adobe .PDF formats for printing/plotting; (approx. 24,800 files at 12GB)
  • Assessor Parcel Maps — Paper copies (per each) $3.00(17″ X 22″, typically a quarter-quarter section)
  • Other Maps — Large Wall Maps $10.00