Assessor Paul D. Petersen

Maricopa County Assessor's Office


Can you remove the Sales Price from your website?
No, the sale price of your property is public record and is received from the Affidavit of Sale which has been recorded with the County Recorder's office. It is our legal responsibility to value all properties in Maricopa County and the sale price is vital part of that. It is also the legal right of the homeowner to have the opportunity to appeal their Assessed Valuation and the sale price is a valuable resource.
How do I get a property address assigned for my vacant land?
The property address, which we refer to as the "Situs" address is not typically assigned to vacant land. If this is the case, you will want to contact the city in which the property is located and request a Situs address. The city will then contact the Assessor with the new Situs address and we will update our records accordingly.
Can I get reduced taxes if I'm disabled?
The State of Arizona has exemptions for widows, widowers and disabled persons. Click here for more information on property exemptions, or call the Assessor's office at 602-506-3406 for information.
My spouse passed away, how do I get the property listed in my name only?
If the property is held in joint tenancy with right of survivor-ship or as community property with right of survivor-ship, you can record a copy of the death certificate or a notice of death at the Recorder's Office along with the legal description. Once the recorded document is forwarded by the Recorder, the name will be removed. Recording the death certificate will not remove the decedent's name from a Trust.