Assessor Petersen Releases CAMA Project Request For Proposal (RFP)



Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen released the largest RFP in Maricopa County history.  The proposal comprises 4,046 pages and equates to nearly 36 MB of computer data. This proposal is for the CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) Project, which will be the hallmark of new County Assessor Paul Petersen’s administration.

The CAMA Project is the long overdue update to the entire Assessor’s office computer system. “The historic size of this RFP is in direct proportion to the historic nature of what the CAMA Project will do for the Assessor’s office,” said Assessor Paul Petersen. Currently, the County Assessor computer system for the fourth largest jurisdiction in the United States is based on 20+ year old technology.  “Imagine going from an original cell phone to a smartphone.  That’s what this RFP will do for the Assessor’s office – it will change how we do business and meet the needs of the property owners of Maricopa County,” continued Mr. Petersen.

“I want to congratulate all those at the County who worked on this historic proposal. Without their diligence, and hard work, this would not have been possible,” said Joe Guy, CAMA Procurement Officer.

“We have been involved with many jurisdictions in their CAMA selections. This is the biggest and most integrated of all the solutions we have ever been a part of as a consulting firm,” said Jeff Tompkins, Senior Partner, with Accent, Inc., Maricopa County’s chief CAMA advisor on the project.

The CAMA Project is expected to have proposals submitted by Dec. 2013 and the transition to the new program beginning in late 2017.


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