The Assessor’s Office mailed 2024 Notices of Value on February 24, 2023. The deadline to appeal the Notice of Value with the County Assessor is April 25, 2023. A taxpayer who wants to appeal the 2024 Notice of Valuation can file a Petition for Review of Valuation with the Maricopa County Assessor's Office by accessing our customer portal.

Update: 33,145 parcels were mailed a tax year 2024 Amended Notice of Value on April 25, 2023. The appeal deadline is 60 days from the mail date, which is June 24. Because June 24 falls on a Saturday, appeals for these parcels will be accepted through Monday, June 26, 2023.

Do I file an Appeal or a Notice of Claim?

  • Filing an Appeal only applies to the valuation year 2024. This will not change current or prior years property classification. You must file an appeal if you have a concern with your property value.
  • Filing a Notice of Claim will address your property classification for the current tax year and 3 preceding tax years, if applicable. If approved, the classification will also change for future years. You can access the Notice of Claim by logging in to the customer portal on the Assessor’s website and clicking on Update Property Class.

If you have any questions about your parcel, or if you did not receive your 2024 notice, please contact us at or 602-506-3797.

Petitions for Review of Valuation can only be filed for the 2024 tax year at this time. A taxpayer who believes there is an error in the classification or valuation for a previous year must file a Taxpayer Notice of Claim which can be obtained on the Department of Revenue website.

Please visit our Mobile Homes or Business Personal Property section for general information regarding Mobile Homes or Business Personal Property appeals. If you have account-specific questions, please email the MH appeals department or BPP appeals department. For general questions about the appeal process, please email our appeals department. Thank you.

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