Changes to the Assessor Subdivision Parcel Numbering Program

Dear Developer/Civil Engineer/Real Property Owner(s):

In an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency of our service in response to the increase in land development in Maricopa County, this Office will be initiating some minor changes to our Parcel Numbering Program. These changes have been planned to enhance the Assessor’s Office abilities to process requested subdivision plats and the continued delivery of Assessor Parcel Numbers (APN’s) within an efficient time frame. All changes are a simplification of CAD requirements and contained within the attached Submittal Requirements and Guidelines. Although most of our processes have been able to keep pace, we are always looking to improve both our processes and service.

We are encouraged by the positive response we continue to receive regarding this program. In an effort to ensure this program’s sustained success and provide even better service, we encourage your valuable cooperation and partnering with the Assessor’s Office. It is our goal to provide you with parcel numbers as quickly as possible so that the community may be served as efficiently as possible.

We will begin implementing these revised process/criteria on June 2, 2014. We ask that you please distribute this letter and the enclosed information to all personnel within your office that may be involved in the CAD/Mapping Standards. Should you need additional copies or an electronic version, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

Should you have any questions or suggestions please direct them to me Thomas Rief, by April 30th, 2014 at the contact info below.

Thank you.

Thomas J. Rief
Property Ownership & GIS Mapping Division Manager
Maricopa County Assessor’s Office
(602) 506-7219

cc: Paul D. Peterson; County Assessor
Robert Pizorno; Communications Director

For more information please contact 602-506-0885

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