Supervisors Appoint New Justice of the Peace

Supervisors Appoint New Justice of the Peace

 MARICOPA COUNTY – The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has voted to appoint current Maricopa County Assessor Keith Russell to fill the vacancy in the East Mesa Justice Court District.

“Keith Russell is an outstanding public servant. Having been elected by the residents of Maricopa County to serve as our Assessor for three terms, he has earned the trust of the voters and is well versed in community issues. I believe he will serve as Justice of the Peace with distinction,” said Supervisor Steve Chucri.

Chucri continued, “This was not an easy decision to make. I personally interviewed every one of the 17 eligible applicants and there were a number of well qualified people, who I hope we will see in leadership positions in the future.”

Russell’s background will fit well with the needs of the Justice Court. He is a third generation native of the East Valley and attended public school in Mesa before graduating from Arizona State University.

Justice of the Peace Russell will do for the Justice Courts that which Assessor Russell has been doing for nearly a decade: make fair and impartial decisions.

Justice of the Peace Russell said, “I am honored that the Board of Supervisors has selected me to serve as the Justice of the Peace in East Mesa. I believe that my team and I have improved the operations of the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office and I will bring that same professionalism, consistency, and temperament to the court. I appreciate the hard work of all of the Assessor’s Office family and will miss them as I take on the challenges of serving as a Justice of the Peace.”

Chief Deputy Assessor Tim Boncoskey will serve as acting Maricopa County Assessor until such time as the Board of Supervisors appoints a replacement.

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