Assessor Paul D. Petersen

Maricopa County Assessor's Office


Base Line

A principle east-west line in the rectangular land survey system.

Base-Lot Method

A method of appraising land parcels whereby each parcel to be appraised is compared with a parcel of known value, called the base lot.

Board of Equalization

A nonjudicial board that reviews assessments to see that all districts are assessed at a uniform level of value; authorized to raise or lower the assessments to achieve a uniform basis of taxation.

Building Improvements

Usually means the betterment of real property by the addition of a structure(s) or the addition of additional capacity to an existing structure.

Bundle of Right

The six basic rights associated with the private ownership of property; the right to use real estate, to sell it, to rent or lease it, to enter or leave, to give away, and/or to refuse to do any of these rights.


Business personal property is assessable, and includes computers, supplies, office furniture and equipment, tooling, machinery and equipment. Most business inventory is exempt. (See personal property).

Business Description

A general classification specifying the type of trade a business is engaged in, such as manufacturing, retailer, wholesaler, or professional services.