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Personal efile

No special software is required. We use Microsoft Excel to sort and organize data; any program that can be converted into an Excel spreadsheet is acceptable.
There are a few reasons why a number will not be accepted by our website:
  • Single accounts that are part of a multiple or a leasing company must be uploaded together as the multiple or leasing number (not each single commercial account number). Commercial is the default account type; this field has a drop-down box that must be switched to the correct option.
  • Single commercial accounts with a number shorter than seven digits must include enough leading zeroes to fill the number to seven digits.
  • The commercial account should not begin with the letter C; enter only the seven-digit number.
  • The account must be a current active account in our database. If you are referencing an old account that you did not receive a current year business property statement for, that account may have been deleted from the current tax year.

The site was designed to open more data fields after each validation step. The new fields may not be displayed in the window for your browser.

Try scrolling down; the next data field should be a comment box and below that a box to drag and drop your file to.

Our e-filing portal is an upload site. We do not post confidential cost detail of accounts online. We require a complete asset listing to be uploaded so our appraisers can process your return.
Please try your upload again. In some incidences, the problem may be from security policies within your own computer system. If you are unable to upload your files, email them to
You will receive a confirmation email that will list the names of all files you submitted.
The complete asset listing is an annual filing requirement with our e-filing system. This ensures that all assets are expediently valued fairly and equitably and reduces the need to separate additions from deletions.