Assessor Paul D. Petersen

Maricopa County Assessor's Office


How long does it take to get a response?
The Assessor's Public Assistance staff tries to respond within two business days or sooner, except at extremely busy times, when it could be longer.
What do I have to do to report an error on your website?
Use the "Contact the Assessor" link on our page, or the "Contact Us" on a County page with the keyword Assessor.
If I have a factual correction that results in a decrease in my assessment, can I get my money back for prior years taxes?
Generally speaking, the answer is yes. If you file an administrative action via a Notice of Claim (ARS § 42-16254) OR if the Assessor files an administrative action via a Notice of Proposed Correction (§ 42-16252), you might be eligible for refunds for up to three prior years. This process is called a "resolution" and requires approval by various agencies before it can be completed. It normally takes several weeks before the process is completed and you receive a corrected tax bill from the Treasurer. The Treasurer notifies you by letter after they receive notification from the Assessor to make the change. If you are not the owner of record for the current year or the other years the may receive a refund, you personally will not be eligible. The tax refund is sent to the person or entity on record as paying the property taxes.
I have asked for a recheck of my property because I think there is an error in the Assessor's records. How long will that take?
Correction of errors are one of the Assessor's priorities. If you believe there is a factual error in the Assessor's records, we will have an appraiser recheck your property, usually within a few weeks of notification. The appraiser may or may not contact you directly depending upon the issue. If the error would cause an increase in the assessment, in most instances the correction will be made to the next tax year. If the correction would result in a decrease in the assessment, Assessor staff will correct the current assessment roll. If the error is determined to also exist for any or all three past years as well, the appraiser will correct the effected years as well. The Assessor or property owner may also file administrative action to correct prior assessment rolls (see below for additional information).