Assessor Paul D. Petersen

Maricopa County Assessor's Office


Is there anything I can do to help expedite the split process?
Make sure your title company includes the most recent Assessor's parcel ID number (APN) on the recorded deed and make sure the legal description of the property is accurate.
How long does a property split take?
Depending on the complexity of the split, it should only take 8 to 12 weeks from when our office receives a copy of the recorded deed from the recorders office. However, incomplete submittals may delay the process. Contact our office for more information.
I want to sell a piece of my property to one of my children. How do I split a property to get two parcel numbers for taxes?
Record a deed conveying the property and describing the part of the property (legal description) you are conveying to the new owner. The Recorder's Office forwards all documents transferring property to the Assessor and the Assessor splits the property according to the description on the recorded document. The Assessor's Office suggests you seek the professional help of a title company or an attorney when transferring property. You also may wish to contact your local jurisdiction prior to splitting property to make certain you comply with any local ordinances as well as State requirements.