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Property exemptions

You must file your application between January 1-March 1 of the current calendar year. The application can be completed online via our online portal. You will receive an email confirmation once completed.

You may also email your application to our office at

USPS mail is accepted or in person applications can be completed at:

Downtown Phoenix
301 W Jefferson
3rd Ave & Jefferson
Suite 120

P.O.R.A. (SCWest)
13815 W Camino Del Sol

Sun City CAN
10195 W Coggins Dr
By Appointment Only

Disabled Person:

Medical certification from a licensed physician on form ADOR 82514B .

Widows and Widowers:

Copy of spouse's Death Certificate.

Note: The applicant and spouse must have been Arizona residents at time of spouse's death or have been a widow/widower residing in Arizona prior to Jan. 1, 1969.

Widows, Widowers and Disabled Persons:

Copy of deeds to all properties or titles to mobile homes owned.

Copy of the prior year's tax bill or valuation notice:

Proof of Arizona adjusted gross income for previous year (Copy of AZ income tax return and all schedules), and any untaxed capital gains, pension or retirement benefits, and Social Security or veteran’s disability payments. Please remember to place a block out sensitive information such as social security numbers and bank routing numbers prior to submitting.

Please refer to the Personal Exemptions (PDF) for more information.
No, the exemption is applied to the qualifying owner's portion of any real estate first, then to a mobile home or automobile.